Event & Logistics 

Is GB600 a race? Is there a time limit to complete the course? 

The GB600 is not a race. So there is no time limit.  However, as we are all working people and have to get back to our jobs after the weekend, we have to limit the time for the event. There will be a finisher's party on Sunday evening starting at 19:00. We have to clear the clubhouse, where the start and finish will be, on Monday 29 July. Of course you will still count as a GB600 finisher if you arrive later.

Is there any accommodation at the start of the GB600? Can I store a small bag during the event?

The start and finish is at a clubhouse near Königs-Wusterhausen near Berlin. You can stay there in your tent the night before and after the GB600 (25/26 and 28/29 July). You can store a bag in the clubhouse for the duration of the event.

This is my first >600km long distance, what should I be aware of?

If you have very little experience of riding over long distances, but would like to give it a try, then now is the time to experience it. The GB600 is not a walk in the park. As well as having a healthy self-assessment of your own abilities, we recommend adequate preparation.

There is plenty of information on the internet about how best to train for long rides. It is best to take part in other long distance rides beforehand, where you can talk to experienced riders and get first hand tips. If you have any questions, feel free to email us!

How do I organise accommodation along the way? 

There will be two manned community checkpoints at approximately 200-230 km and 400-430 km. You will be given a meal, snacks and drinks and can pitch your tent alongside other participants. Huts and bivouacs that we find on the way while scouting will be marked in the road book.

You can also stay in hotels or guesthouses along the way and can book your accommodation in advance.

What is the infrastructure like along the route? 

The route passes through towns and villages with infrastructure and places to refuel. Before the event, you will receive a road book with information on where you can refuel, such as 24-hour petrol stations and supermarkets. You can use this to plan your routes so that you never run out of food and drink.

What is the food like at the community checkpoints?

We will be providing vegan, high protein food at the Community Checkpoints. You can also bring your own food if you have any special requests or dietary requirements.

What can I do if something goes wrong?

If you follow the GPS route, there's not much that can go wrong.  The route passes through towns and cities with train stations, so it's usually not far to the next station. If you do have any problems and have to interrupt your journey, send us a message on our emergency number! However, public transport  is limited, especially in the Giant Mountains. This should also be taken into account when travelling at night.

Of course, we will keep an eye on who has passed the checkpoints to know who is still on the route.

Bike & Equipment

What do I need to bring? 

The following equipment is mandatory: cycle helmet, reflective vest, front and rear lights. You should also always carry water and snacks, a power bank to charge your lights and a GPS navigation system.

There are plenty of packing lists on the internet, including tips on good sleeping systems and weight distribution. 

Which bike is the most suitable for the GB600? 

The best bike is the one you feel comfortable with! As 50% of the route is on gravel roads, we recommend wider tyres (+35mm) and enough gears to ride uphill ;-)!